Mr. Sanjeev Kumar

Principal, Marigold Public School

Principal's Message

Dear Prospective Parents & Students,
I feel immense pleasure and proud to invite you to have a glimpse into the heart that beats behind the appalling stage of our exceptional institution which has recorded the perpetual & sound academic achievements with an extensive co-curricular programmes as well. Today, the role of a school is not only to achieve excellence in education but also to inculcate the love of knowledge in the students and also to inspire them to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers and productive member of an ever-changing global society.

We encourage all of our students to become independent and creative thinkers. We take pride in the diversity of our school and provide a climate of respect and acceptance for everyone and offer a safe and secure environment in which every child is nurtured to achieve beyond their potential. I look forward to working with you for the benefit of your children.

I look forward to working with you for the benefit of your children. The parent-school partnership is something I firmly endorse and aim that, together; we can provide the best educational experience for all our students. I want the best for all of you, your families and your children. I look forward to the challenges and achievements that we will share together with excitement sincerely,

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