The Senior School

Shaping Leaders
The prescribed syllabus of CBSE forms on the basis of the curriculum at this stage. Students are exposed to a wide spectrum of knowledge, Project work, Audio Visual Aids, hands-on experience, excursions and exchanges help to enhance the students’ learning. The senior students prepare for the first major examination of their lives, the CBSE Board Examination.

Our Senior School builds on the strong foundation from the early childhood and middle school years. When equipped with a strong foundation, a carefully nurtured tree can eternally yield the best fruits.

At Marigold, we believe in education beyond academic knowledge. Learning is a journey of self-discovery, towards the realization of individual abilities and passions.

Marigold provides a warm and comforting environment where students are able to ease into the rigours of serious academic competition. Our teachers provide a strong support system and years of encouraging experience. In these formative years, students develop their own unique identity, their sense of confidence and leadership qualities as they prepare to enter a global world.

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